Window Refurbishments

Glasgow window refurbishment services

Draughty windows, unsightly silicon and sticking hinges are all issues that Arrow Homecare can resolve.  Our Glasgow representative can advise on all issues relating to window refurbishment, from a simple reseal and adjustment to solve the problem, to more extreme measures such as window replacement.

Easyclean hinges can be supplied, these allow windows to open fully for easy cleaning, as well as allowing adequate opening should the installation be required as a fire escape.  Our child lock windows allow for limited window opening for added security and safety.

Fitted blinds

We are now offering a huge range of fitted blinds for all applications, Bathroom, Living room and conservatory blinds.

Local Service

Full range of window related services available.

Your Local Representative, Angelo Pacitti, Tel: Mobile:(07865) 030 824
63 Clarkston Road, Glasgow, Scotland, G44 3BQ.